Every year, the Gulf Region sponsors several different training events for Royal Ranger leaders. It is our desire to help local-level to regional-level leaders fulfill the call to "evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-like men and life-long servant leaders." To effectively train leaders for this task, the Gulf Region assists our five districts by providing world class, top notch training which includes:

 Why is training important? Training is the key to success. Attending training shows others that you feel that this is a worthwhile cause. It makes you better. An untrained athlete is of no value to his team. He is not conditioned or disciplined enough to see the game through completion. He does not have the drive or the stamina to compete against players who have taken the time and energy to learn how to become the best, how to give the best effort that they can. We are all part of a Royal Ranger team, and we march onto the playing field, called the weekly meetings. We had better be prepared to meet the challenge. Leadership training helps you do that. It makes the job easier, gives you an edge.

Over the years, many outposts have failed because the outpost leadership did not see the need or have the vision for training. Those outposts failed and boys were let down.

Training is a continual process. As we progress through this adventure called Royal Rangers, we will need to learn new things to enhance our ministry. You need training!

For complete information on Royal Ranger training, visit the national Royal Ranger training site.